Friday, 6 January 2017

What am I proud of and not proud of?

The Mighty is doing a challenge called "My Mighty Month" which is a set of challenges, I didn't want to do all off them and I didn't want to submit them to the Mighty but I still found some of the challenges interesting and wanted to do them so I thought I would do them here.

This prompt is "Name 5 things you are proud of and 5 things you are not so proud of", I have only done 3 of each because I found it hard to think off things.

What am I proud of?

1. The Fact I am still Fighting: Even though things have been tough I am still here and I am still fighting for my life- yes its hard, but I don't want to give up. Everyday is a challenge but I am still getting up every morning and doing the best I can.

2. How I still get out and volunteer: Even though I am sick and getting out and about is hard I still get out and volunteer because I think it is important to help others when you are able too.

3. The Way that I handle my Medical Conditions: I try my best to have as much knowledge as I possibly can about my medical conditions so that I can do the best to manage my conditions. I keep up with my treatments and medications and my physiotherapy.

What I am not so proud of?

1. The fact that I can get pretty cranky with those I love most when I am really not well: I know this is probably a natural thing to get cranky when you are not well but I still don't like it when I snap at those I love (especially mum), I regret it the moment I do it but I need to learn to think before I say things, to take deep breaths and think about whether what I am saying sounds snappy.

2. That I am not catching up with friends as much as I would like: This is because I am sick and in pain and its hard and exhausting to get out but I should still organise catch ups with people more often and enjoy time with the ones that I love.

3. That I indulge in "retail therapy" a bit too much: Sometimes, especially when I am not well, I like to have a bit of retail therapy, new things such as new makeup makes me happy and while its okay to do that sometimes I really need to save a bit more and not shop so much.

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