Saturday, 22 October 2016

Hospital Stay October 2016

For the past few months I have had a lot of bowel pain and my ileostomy would randomly stop working. I went to the ER multiple times and they did an X-ray and sent me home each time. On the 14th October we went to the emergency room because I was doubled over with stomach pain, could barely walk and was vomiting. We waited in the waiting room for a while before being taken back, they took some blood and did an X-ray, nothing came back on the X-ray but my infection and inflammation markers were up so they decided to do a CT scan. They discovered that I had colitis which is a bowel inflammation or infection (as far as I understand it anyway). They immediately hooked me up to IV antibiotics and admitted me to the surgical ward. They were worried that I would become septic and also that they would have to do an operation. It took me a long time to improve. I was being closely monitored. They were giving me lots of IV fluids and checking my blood work everyday to monitor how my inflammation and infection markers were doing.  On the 17 they decided that they would do a colonoscopy (they were planning for the next day) and started me on a clear fluid diet and they inserted a catheter into my stoma (ileostomy) to put the bowel prep through. As I still have my large bowel they had to clear that as well as the small bowel. The bowel just would not clear though so I was on a clear fluid diet for 4 days waiting for surgery. I was getting very weak and looking very pale. They ended up 11.5 Litres of Colonlytely, 2 litres of Pico Prep and 2 Enemas to get my bowel clear- it still wasn't 100 percent clear but they decided to do the colonoscopy anyway so on the 21st at 8am they got me ready for theatre. When I got there there was a lovely anaesthesiologist who decided with my medical history and my high risk of aspiration they decided instead of doing heavy sedation they would put me out completely so that they could protect my airway. We are so thankful they did that because as they were about to wake me up I started vomiting (even though I had barely anything in my stomach besides clear fluids) and almost aspirated so they had to take over my airway again and put an NG down to suction my stomach. They said that if they hadn't decided to put me out completely I would have got aspiration pneumonia and been in hospital a lot longer, I was able to go home that night. I am VERY sore from being jolted around when I almost aspirated (as they were obviously more focused on protecting my airway than my joints).
The colitis is pretty much all cleared up now and the surgeon said the colonoscopy didn't pick up anything obvious but they have taken some biopsies.

I just want to thank all the staff for how well they took care of me but especially the nurses they were so kind and caring and really helped keep my spirits up while I was admitted.

It was such a hard admission on me emotionally as all I wanted to do was be home with my family, my service dog and my cat. I cried a lot but I got through it. Thank you everyone for all of the prayers , love and support. I really appreciate it. It helped me more than you know.

I hope to be back to blogging shortly but it has been tough with how sick I have been.


  1. Love you girl! Hang in there and remain tough. You are always in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. Gosh sorry to hear you were in for so long. Am glad they decided to be more thorough this time. You are in my thoughts and prayers xox