Thursday, 24 September 2015

Why I use a wheelchair when I can walk.

A question I get a lot is why I use a wheelchair if I am able to work. If you haven't had much contact with wheelchairs when you see someone in a wheelchair you think that if someone is in a wheelchair they MUST be paralysed- WRONG.

That mindset is how this meme started getting circulated:

The person in this meme could have very easily been mine. It isn't rare that I will stand up if I can't reach something on a high shelf.

The reasons I use a wheelchair are:

1. Dislocations:

Because of the EDS my joints dislocate constantly and I am unable to walk long distances without dislocating my hips. There are times where I can walk short distances and there are times I can't even walk to the bathroom. Every day is different which means the amount of time I use my chair is different.

2. Seizures:

I have recently started to have seizures so for my own safety when I am out I use the wheelchair as dislocating joints and hitting the floor doesn't help.

3. Drop Attacks:

I have drop attacks so for the same reason as the seizures I use a wheelchair when I am out.

4. Fatigue:

I have really bad fatigue caused by EDS and chronic fatigue and most days walking takes more spoons than I have so I use the chair to help preserve my energy.

5. Muscle Weakness

I have muscle weakness and the more I walk the worst the muscle weakness gets and the more likely I am to fall. So it is again a safety issue.

6. Chronic Pain

I am in constant pain and walking takes that pain from a 4 until a 9 so that I am not crying by the end of my outing I use the chair.

As you can see there are many more reasons to use wheelchairs than just paralysis. I have come to the conclusion that so I can enjoy myself sometimes I use the wheelchair. It was a hard thing to accept but since I have I have been able to get out more.

Eventually I will be in a wheelchair full time and I want to enjoy the fact that I am not glued to my seat and stand up if I want to reach someone. You can't tell if someone is paralysed just from looking at them. Don't judge a book by its cover

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  1. Many congratulations on creating this blog. I am extremely proud of you. We need brave people like yourself Rachael, so that family and friends can understand what life is really like for you and others going through similar conditions. It is also really important that others going this understand that they are not alone. I will proudly follow your blog and love to help you and your group in any way possible. Sending much love to you all. Nicky Robinson. xxx