Thursday, 24 December 2015

Hospital Take 2

On Friday the 18th December Mum brought me back to the hospital at about 6pm because I was in a lot of pain. I was brought straight back (I think they saw my NG tube and that made them act quicker or else I looked as sick as I felt haha) and given a canula, fluids and colonlitely. Multiple doctors came in and they decided to admit me since I was waiting for a stoma surgery anyway. At about midnight I was finally given a room, I had a bad night with pain that they just couldn't control.
On Saturday the surgeon came in and told me that I would be getting a stoma (illeostomy to be exact) as soon as they had a spot.
On Sunday nothing much really happened but they gave me an enema (even though I told them it would fall straight out- surprise surprise it did...) and pico prep but it didn't work. Uncle Adrian came to visit.  And I was told to fast from midnight as in the morning I would be getting the stoma.
On Monday I got up at 6am to get ready for theatre. The surgeons came up at 9:30 am and told me they were tossing up as to whether to do another ACE using part of my bowel (which didn't really want as I was afraid it would close up again, there is a high risk of the bowel dying which would mean I would get a stoma anyway and the ACE didn't really always work). I waited all day long and at 5:30pm they decided that the stoma would be the best option and I would be getting it on Tuesday. I was really blessed to have so many visitors that day, Aunty Vicki visited and bought me a "get well" teddy bear, Nia visited and bought me some makeup (which I desperately needed in the hospital haha) and a bag , Aunty Julie visited and Mum was there all day long. Once I was off fasting Mum went down to Hungry Jacks as I had been craving it since I was admitted- I didn't eat much of it but it was still so nice :)
On Tuesday I was told I was going to have surgery at 10am so they got me up really early to have a shower. At 9am the surgeon came in and said he really didn't think that the surgery was going to happen today so because I fasted for 18hrs the day before he really didn't want me to keep fasting so I had a sandwich at 9:30. At 11am the anaesthesiologist came around to ask me some questions and take me to surgery!!! But we had to tell him I had eaten so he said they would have to do the surgery at 3:30pm if they did it. He went and spoke to the surgeons and they said to not do it. It is incredibly frustrating but they discharged me at 4pm on Wednesday so at least I get to be home for the holidays :)

Thank you for all your prayers- sorry I haven't really replied to many messages I have been resting as much as possible but I will get around to replying when I am able :)

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