Friday, 30 October 2015

Things not to say to someone with a chronically ill person

Things I don't want to hear as someone with a invisible illness/chronic illness:

1. But You Don't Look Sick: this one is probably the most common comment when I explain to someone about my health 9 times out of 10 I get this comment

2. Maybe some vitamins/eating healthy will help: Don't you think we have probably thought of this? I was sick when I was a baby so I am pretty sure it is not that... Yes eating healthy and taking vitamins is always a good idea no matter how healthy I eat I am not going to be cured. Also my stomach is paralysed and it is harder to digest vegetables than more unhealthy things made of sugar because they pretty much dissolve. Some days I have a lot of trouble eating.

3. Drink more water: I drink tons of water everyday because I have Dysautonomia and it is incredibly important for me to drink water and take salt tablets, sometimes I need IV fluids so I know how important it is to drink water.

4. Why don't you just go to bed earlier?: I get this comment when I say I am tired but trust me I go to bed early most days I sleep on and off all day and then i go to bed about 5pm to 6pm. It is a type of tired no amount of sleep will cure.

5. You are SOOO lucky you get to sleep all day I wish I could do that: NO! Just NO you don't. Not being able to do anything is not fun. Not being able to go to work or go out at night with your friends or heck even walk to the bathroom by yourself is not fun. I would not wish this on anyone- not even my worst enemy but I can tell you this life isn't fun. I am envious that you can run around all day and not collapse please remember this before saying this.

6. Your STILL sick?: That is generally what CHRONIC means. I wish I was better and I could tell you I was better but I can't and saying this makes me feel like I can't be honest about how I feel when people ask how I am most of the time I say "Oh hanging in there" or "I'm fine" because of these comments.

7. At least its not cancer: Yes I am very lucky to not have cancer but that doesn't downplay my illness- people die from my illness too, it takes your whole life away you have to rest and you can't go out and do things and you do treatments. Just because I don't have cancer doesn't mean its not hard.

8. Your too young to be sick: Maybe I should show my illness some ID?

9. Just be positive: I believe positivity is helpful for my mind but being positive is also not going to cure me. Saying I am sick isn't being negative it is just being truthful.

10. You take to many medications: I am sorry if this is rude but do you have a medical degree and know everything about my health? No? The only people that know whether I am on too many medications is my doctors and myself all of my medications are closely monitored without them I can barely move without crying in pain and I pass out more that 15 times a day so it is impossible for me to go off of them.

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